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The Blue Hour ​(Work in progress)

20min, Fiction, 4K, Color, work in progress



While talking about invisibility, a magical journey of mourning and protecting the dignity of women and animals' death by a young woman and cat ghost.



The Blue Hour​ is a short narrative film of two young women’s encounter. Ine(mid-20s, female), an art student from South Korea, lost her grandmother but cannot go to the funeral because of Covid-19. Ine's day flows slowly into the sense of loss and guilt that comes from her grandmother's death, and she tries to endure the tough night. She buys a watermelon to remember her grandmother, and on the way, finds a dead cat on the street. Ine stays with the cat and tries to figure out how to protect the dignity of the dead. Meanwhile, Winter (mid-20s, female), who was, in fact, the dead cat but who has transformed into a ghost of a human appearance, wanders the woods and streets. While walking through the quiet winter night road, Winter sees Ine hugging the cat by the side of the road. Winter does not want to leave Ine alone in the dark so tries to help her out. So they wander together the tranquil night scenery, and ambiguous places and images between reality and dream, to bury the cat. This film investigates invisibility, human boundaries, dignity of animals and women, and embraces and mourns floating souls through the journey of their night.

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