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The Cabinet of Dr.Yang

15min, Fiction, HD, Color, 2020



An experimental black comedy about a vegetarian vampire’s revenge on sexist vampires.



In Syracuse, NY, Mija Yang, a Korean immigrant vampire and was a shaman in the past, can walk under the sun to succeed in her scientific invention. Mija invites neighbor vampires Patrick, who is a literature instructor vampire, and Jack, who is a Youtuber vampire, to celebrate her success. And a newby vampire, Lily, joins the party to follow Jack. During their dinner party, Mija declares she can walk under the sun and became a vegetarian. But Patrick and Jack do not believe Mija, and they are rude to Lily. They bother Mija and start to doubt Mija’s purity as a vampire. Mija laughs as if she has been waiting for the moment.



New York International Film Festival, June 2020

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