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Winter Mourning 

17min, Fiction, HD, Color&Black and White, 2020



A magical realism film talking about invisibility and floating to follow a day of a Korean immigrant woman's anxiety and inner sound.



Jinhee, who is a Korean immigrant in Syracuse, works at a Korean restaurant. She is troubled by the noise from her neighborhood and does not feel kindness from co-workers. She feels lost and alienated and drifts between her reality and dreams. She tries her best to cling to life and to stay afloat, in spite of her suffering. One day, Jinhee hears a cat's meow, and her mood lifts. Every day after, Jinhee waits for the cat, anticipating the little bit of color and delight the cat brings to her world.


Seoul Animal Film Festival, S.Korea (Oct. 2022)

Diaspora Film Festival, S.Korea (May 2022)

Buffalo International Film Festival, USA (Oct. 2021)

Point of Contact Gallery, USA (Apr.2021)

JeonJu International Film Festival, S.Korea (Apr. 2021)
Everson Museum of Art, USA (Dec. 2020)

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